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After I got terminated from my job I was left confused, anxious, hurt, and depressed all at once. I just could not understand why it occurred and why it was specifically happening to me. I had to take some time to reflect on the situation and truly search within to find the meaning of what had just transpired. Then it came to me, I was being wrongfully terminated and retaliated against. It devastated me and I was unaware of the repercussion that the termination I incurred came with. I was black listed from employment, I suffered depression, had marital problems, and ultimately suffered with alcohol related issues. I thought my world was coming to an end, but in relief I found Douglas Lipsky, who assured me that everything will be ok. In short order he mounted a defense and shortly thereafter, filed the claims with the necessary courts and jurisdictions. The case culminated with a satisfactory settlement after mediation, and I could have not been happier that in the end the employer acknowledged the wrong doing. If a situation arises and you see no relief, but know that something is just amiss with your former or current employer, explore your options with Douglas Lipsky and his firm.

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