Lipsky Lowe LLP is an employment law firm that helps clients with a variety of cases including discrimination. Many victims of discrimination whether it be race, age, sexual orientation or nation of origin, are nervous to report for fear of retaliation or do not even realize that they are being discriminated against. These are some common questions that come up when dealing with discrimination clients:

FAQ #1: If I am disabled, is my employer obligated to accommodate me?

FAQ #2: What types of workplace discrimination are prohibited by law? What types are not?

FAQ #3: If I am passed over for promotion or get no raise due to age what can I do about it?

FAQ #4: What is the statute of limitations for bringing an employment lawsuit?

FAQ #5: What are my options if I experience sexism in the workplace?

FAQ #6: What are the pros and cons of filing federal vs state lawsuit?

FAQ #7: What is the difference between wrongful termination and being fired?

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