Lipsky Lowe LLP is an employment law firm that helps clients with a variety of cases including sexual harassment. Many victims of sexual harassment and hostile work environments are nervous to report for fear of retaliation or do not even realize that they are being harassed. These are some common questions that come up when dealing with sexual harassment clients:

FAQ #1: What happens if I am being sexually harassed but there are no witnesses?

FAQ #2: Is it worth filing a sexual harassment complaint if the harassment was only verbal?

FAQ #3: If a supervisor is the one sexually harassing an employee, what protection is there against retaliation? Could I lose my job if I report it?

FAQ #4: What constitutes a hostile work environment?

FAQ #5: How long do I have to file a report after an act of sexual harassment occurs?

FAQ #6: What type of damages can be recovered for a sexual harassment lawsuit?

FAQ #7: Does the behavior have to be repetitive to be considered sexual harassment?

FAQ #8: Debunking Sexual Harassment Myths

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