Doug is an excellent counselor, legal advisor, and litigator
I retained Doug to represent me in a difficult and challenging employment situation. He was responsive at all times and very dedicated to my case. Doug is an excellent counselor, legal advisor, and litigator, and I am happy to have worked with him to bring my case to resolution.
— Lisa 1/31/2018
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Overview of Employment Law Services

Lipsky Lowe LLP, with offices located in New York City, represents clients in New York and New Jersey in all aspects of the employment relationship, from hiring and employment agreements to termination and separation agreements, and beyond. Lipsky Lowe provides a full range of employment advice and counsel, training, investigations, and litigation, including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, whistleblower retaliation, breach of contract, and unpaid overtime, minimum wage and tips. In addition to handling individual cases, the firm’s attorneys have extensive experience litigating class actions and multi-plaintiff suits.

Our Employment Litigation Philosophy

Taking formal legal action should be the last recourse to address injustice in the workplace. The process takes enormous time, energy and expense and can be stressful. This is exactly why we carefully consider each step: whether to take a case, reach an out-of-court settlement, or go to trial. In making each of these decisions, we have one goal: what is best for our client. But when our NYC employment lawyer takes a case, we take it to win – not to settle.

Case Screening and Evaluation: When you contact us, you will speak with our New York City employment attorney. After that, we may recommend meeting with you in-person for a case evaluation. In either event, we will listen to your goals and needs and thoroughly evaluate the merits of your case. While an evaluation does not guarantee that we will either take your case or that we will decide to litigate, it will provide you with expert advice on your options and next steps.

After the case evaluation, you will know your rights, whether you have a case, whether it is worth spending time and money pursuing your rights, and what your employers’ rights are.

What type of employment cases do we take?

  • Sexual Harassment: Lipsky Lowe has extensive experience representing employees in sexual harassment matters. Employees who are subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace must take decisive action to protect their rights and to combat the culture that allows such behavior. Our lawyers are partners in such efforts, empowering clients to act to change their situations.
  • Retaliation: We have broad experience litigating retaliation cases under New York, New Jersey and Federal law. This includes protecting employees against being discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed or otherwise discriminated against for engaging in certain protected activity, including objecting to or complaining about discrimination, harassment or believing your company is engaging in other unlawful conduct.
  • Work Place Harassment and Hostile Work Environment: Lipsky Lowe represents employees who are the victims of workplace harassment and a hostile work environment. It is unlawful under New York, New Jersey, and Federal law for your employer to allow harassment on the basis of your age, disability, gender, pregnancy, race, sexual orientation, religion or other legally protected characteristics. Employees are harassed in different forms, including being fired, demoted, denied a promotion or pay raise, and being subjected to discriminatory jokes, comments and epithets, and other action based on these legally protected characteristics. Many employees who have been subjected to workplace harassment or a hostile work environment often feel that ignoring or minimizing the wrongdoing is easier than taking action. In our experience, this can be a serious mistake. Instead, immediate action may be required to protect the employee’s rights and to prevent any escalation in the behavior. We can help our clients understand the potential benefits and costs of responding to threats or harassment.
  • Wage and Hour Law/ Unpaid Overtime: Lipsky Lowe represents many employees in cases involving wages and hours worked, including cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the New York Labor Law and New Jersey Wage and Hour Law. Wage and hour cases include situations where employees are not paid overtime, not paid for all hours worked, not paid all of their tips or are misclassified as an exempt employee and, as a result, are denied the overtime pay to which they are entitled. We have significant experience litigating wage and hour cases on a class and/or collective action basis, with particular experience in the restaurant industry.
  • Breach of Contract: Employment agreements and employment manuals often provide employees certain contractual rights, including a guaranteed period of employment, certain employment benefits and accrual of time off. Some employers breach these terms by firing employees before their guaranteed period of employment expires, by withholding certain employment benefits or by not paying accrued, unused vacation pay.
  • Family Responsibilities and Disability Discrimination: Lipsky Lowe has years of experience representing employees who have disabilities and need a reasonable accommodation in the workplace, a leave of absence, or both. If you require an accommodation in the workplace, or a leave of absence because of a pregnancy, medical condition, or caregiving responsibilities, Lipsky Lowe can help.
  • Employer Counseling and Representation: With over 30 years of experience representing management, our background is representing employers. We advise employers on changes in the law, employment disputes, terminations and reductions in force. We draft employment policies and handbooks, employment contracts and executive compensation agreements. We also train employees and management, advise on employer and employee rights, conduct investigations, and represent employers in litigation.

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