At Lipsky Lowe, we recognize the challenges of confronting customer discrimination in the workplace. This form of third-party discrimination requires delicate handling to protect employee rights while maintaining business relationships. Our team of seasoned New York City employment lawyers regularly addresses these unique situations, offering expert legal guidance and support. 

Whether you’re dealing with harassment, bias, or unfair treatment by customers, we’re here to protect your rights. Trust Lipsky Lowe to provide the advocacy and solutions to stop customer-based discrimination. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Customer (Third-Party) Discrimination

Third-party discrimination occurs when employees face unfair treatment not directly from their employers or coworkers but from customers, clients, vendors, or other “third parties.” This type of discrimination presents unique challenges within the workplace, including:

  • Nature of Discrimination: It can range from verbal or sexual harassment to physical threats, often based on race, gender, religion, or other protected characteristics.
  • Workplace Impact: Such incidents can create a hostile work environment, affecting employee morale and productivity.

Employees need to recognize their rights and the importance of reporting these incidents. Employers have a legal obligation to protect employees from discrimination, even when it originates from outside the company. At Lipsky Lowe, we are committed to helping clients navigate these complex issues, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for everyone.

Protections Against Customer Discrimination

Employees facing discrimination from customers are protected under various federal, state, and city laws, ensuring their right to a safe and respectful workplace. These protections include:

Federal Laws

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects against discrimination based on disability.

New York Laws

  • The New York State Human Rights Law extends protections to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and other characteristics.
  • The New York City Human Rights Law offers one of the most comprehensive protections against discrimination, including from third parties.

These laws prohibit all forms of discrimination, including customer discrimination, and require employers to prevent and/or stop it. At Lipsky Lowe, we help employees advocate for their rights to a workplace free from third-party discrimination.

What Can I Do About Customer Discrimination?

Recognizing and effectively responding to customer discrimination is vital for maintaining a respectful workplace. Employees and employers alike should be vigilant for signs of such behavior, which can include:

  • Derogatory comments or slurs directed at employees.
  • Physical intimidation or unwanted contact.
  • Refusal to interact with employees based on prejudiced views.

Once identified, the response should be swift and decisive:

  • Document the Incident: Keep detailed records of what occurred, including dates, times, and any witnesses.
  • Report to Management: Inform supervisors or human resources immediately to ensure the incident is officially recorded.
  • Employer Intervention: Employers should promptly address the issue with the customer and take appropriate action to support the affected employee.

At Lipsky Lowe, we encourage a proactive approach to handling customer discrimination. By recognizing, documenting, and addressing these incidents, we can work together to foster a safer, more inclusive work environment for all employees.

How Our Firm Can Help

At Lipsky Lowe, we provide informed representation to employees facing discrimination from customers. Our legal team understands the challenges of third-party discrimination and will work strategically to protect your rights. We offer personalized consultation to understand the specifics of your situation and choose the best approach to resolving the discrimination you’ve encountered from customers. 

Whether it involves negotiating with your employer or pursuing legal remedies to hold responsible parties accountable, we are committed to advocating for your best interests. While no two claims are the same, you may be entitled to compensation, including damages for lost wages, reputational harm, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

We understand that speaking up about customer discrimination on the job is always challenging. You may fear losing your job or causing problems for your employer. But you have a right to a work environment free from discrimination from supervisors, coworkers, and customers. 

At Lispky Lowe, we aim to create more inclusive, discrimination-free workplaces. You can trust us to be your advocates and allies in challenging customer-based discrimination and fighting for justice and workplace equity.

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