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NYC Sexual Harassment Attorney

Employees have the legal right to come to work without fear of being sexually harassed by a supervisor, co-worker, vendor or client. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many workers. Both men and women are often victims of sexual harassment. The attorneys at Lipsky Lowe have significant experience litigating sexual harassment claims and will fight for you. Please give us a call at 212.392.4772 to discuss the merits of your case.

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During my case they were very sensitive and smart, and always easily available when I needed them which really mattered A LOT during the very stressful process
-J. B. 4/18/2017.
Sexual Harrassment In NYC

Any person can be sexually harassed, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or their position in the company. Any inappropriate sexual gestures or words that create an offensive, intimidating, or hostile environment qualify as sexual harassment, even if not directed at a specific person.

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Lipsky Lowe is a New York City-based law firm specializing in employment law in New York and New Jersey. It was founded by Doug Lipsky and Chris Lowe, two attorneys who worked together at one of the nation’s premier labor and employment firms, Seyfarth Shaw, before starting their own firm. At Lipsky Lowe, they leverage their combined knowledge, skills and experience working at a major law firm to successfully represent individuals, classes, and businesses in all types of employment matters.

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