What are the benefits of class action vs individual suit?

By Douglas Lipsky

The benefits between a class action and an individual suit really vary on each particular case. Class actions are particularly beneficial where you have individuals who do not necessarily have large claims individually but collectively have substantial claims. And that then provides us with sufficient leverage to bring your claims against an employer to get you and everyone else in the class the wages that you’ve worked hard for and deserve.

About the Author
Douglas Lipsky is a co-founding partner of Lipsky Lowe LLP. He has extensive experience in all areas of employment law, including discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, unpaid overtime, and unpaid tips. He also represents clients in complex wage and hour claims, including collective actions under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and class actions under the laws of many different states. If you have questions about this article, contact Douglas today.