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female attorney in courtroom

New York Female Lawyers Face Courtroom Bias, Harassment, Says Study

A recent study by the New York State Judicial Committee on Women in Courts examining the experience of women in the court system found that female attorneys continue to face sexual harassment and are more likely to have their credibility questioned.  While the committee made recommendations for addressing these systemic problems, women who have been […]

sexual harassment claim

Prosecutor Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Bronx DA’s Sex Crimes Unit

A female prosecutor has filed a lawsuit against the Bronx District Attorney alleging sexual harassment, religious discrimination, and retaliation in the DA’s sex crimes unit. This case highlights the pervasiveness of sexual harassment, even in our hallowed halls of justice.  While the outcome of the lawsuit remains uncertain, all employees in New York have a […]

video conference

Sexual Harassment in the Virtual Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The use of videoconferencing and other remote technologies has enabled businesses to adapt to their employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the widespread use of these devices has opened the door to potential claims of sexual harassment arising from the virtual workplace. If you have been subjected to sexual […]

Judge and gavel in a courtroom.

Harvey Weinstein Gets 23 Years For Sexual Assault and Rape

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for raping a woman and sexually assaulting another. During the trial, Weinstein’s lawyers attempted to argue that the sexual encounters were consensual. The jury didn’t buy it, however, finding that Weinstein abused his power and committed rape.  “Weinstein verdict and sentencing confirm […]

Gavel and scales in the background, representing the court case.

How Precedential Court Ruling in Breest v. Haggis Impacts Employers

Victims of sexual assault and workplace sexual harassment in New York City have a new means of financial recovery as a result of a precedential appellate court ruling in December 2019. In Breest v. Haggis, the First Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court held that plaintiffs can use the Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection […]

Lipsky Lowe LLP discusses how to prevent sexual harassment at office holiday parties.

Preventing Harassment at Office Holiday Parties

With the holiday season upon us, many companies will be hosting year-end parties, happy hours, and other events for their staff. While such activities typically happen after hours, it is crucial to remember that employees are still on the clock at seasonal gatherings, and the rules of conduct regarding discrimination and harassment during the workday […]

Lipsky Lowe, LLP discusses the steps for filing a sexual harassment claim at work.

How to File a Sexual Harassment Complaint at Work

Recent amendments to the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) allow workers in the state to pursue legal action over sexual harassment without filing a workplace complaint beforehand. At the same time, filing a sexual harassment complaint at work could serve to support any future claims you make against your employer.  Nonetheless, it is […]

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